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You don't owe as much as you think!
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We're all familiar with the debt clock, it shows total US debt and how much the average family owes.

Debt is unpaid taxes, its money we've already spent that is owed by tax payers for services the government gave us.

We live in a republic, wether you voted for it or not you agreed to live by the decision. So yeah you owe it, the question is how much?

  • A tax payer fresh out of college cannot owe $160,000 in taxes if she has only earned $40,000 her first year on the job. That doesn't make sense.
  • Remember taxes are collected on income, not people, so claiming you used more road than the next guy is a fallicy. Your money used more road.
  • Dead people don't have to pay debt, so they kind of screwed the rest of us. Its the only way to get out of paying your share.

So the trick is to figure out how much each one of us really owes, turns out thats possible with data from the IRS.

Here is the approach:

  • The total debt was slowly built up each year we didn't pay enough taxes to cover expenses.
  • We know what share of all taxes were paid by individuals each year thanks to IRS tax records.
  • We know that what you owe each year is proportional to what you paid each year. ( SEE TIP EXAMPLE BELOW )
  • Give us your total income for each year worked and we'll tell you how much of the debt you owe, its that simple.


To understand the concept pretend 3 people order drinks.

  • Reginal: $90 Glass of expensive old scotch.
  • Betty: $7 Well vodka.
  • Pat: $3 Iced tea.

They get one bill and each put in their share. ($90 + $7 + $3 ) = $100 Oops, they forgot the tip, 18% = $18, so they decide to split it evenly, thats fair right?

  • Reginal: $6 Unfair Tip
  • Betty: $6 Unfair Tip
  • Pat: $6 Unfair Tip

Totally not fair, Pat's $6 tip was twice as expensive as her $3 iced tea. Thats a 200% tip, it was supposed to be 18%. Reginal however is thrilled, he paid 6% tip. The real tips should have been based on what each person owed proportionally...

  • Reginal: $90 x 18% = $16.20 Fair Tip
  • Betty: $7 x 18% = $1.26 Fair Tip
  • Pat: $0.54 Fair Tip

Adds up to $18 exactly and everyone paid their fair share. The national debt is like the tip we forgot to pay in taxes. What each of us owes is based on how much we paid in taxes initially.

Instead of telling each family they owe some "average" number which is completely wrong and unfair, we do the correct proportional math and figure out exactly what you owe based on what you paid.


  • All tax dosument links will be provided in the finished HTML file.
  • All formulas are coded in Javascript and completely transparent.
  • We will add explainer pages later.
  • Corporate / Social Security / Exise taxes are accounted for but not reported, this is an individual debt clock calculator.
  • No information is stored, this is meant as a calculator, its completely anonymous if you want it to be.
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