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00_a functions and tools.r Add files via upload Aug 22, 2019
00_b functions bottleneck.r
01 descriptive and PCA.r
02 bottleneck network.r
03 K-means K-medoids.r
04 GMM clustering.r
05 t-SNE UMAP SOM.r Add files via upload Aug 22, 2019

5 - Unsupervised Learning: What is a Sports Car?

Here you find the code to the article "Unsupervised Learning: What is a Sports Car?" from S. Rentzmann and M.V. Wüthrich, available from

R Code

  • 00_a functions and tools.R
  • 00_b functions bottleneck.R
  • 01 descriptive and PCA.R
  • 02 bottleneck network.R
  • 03 K-means K-medoids.R
  • 04 GMM clustering.R
  • 05 t-SNE UMAP SOM.R


  • SportsCars.csv
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