A curated list of awesome Chatbot services and resources.
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Awesome Chatbots 🤖 Awesome Build Status

A curated list of awesome Chatbot services and resources.


Open Source Projects

  • spaCy - Python library for advanced natural language processing.
  • Botkit - Open Source bot building blocks for Slack, Facebook Messenger, Twilio, Microsoft with Botkit Studio - a hosted development environment
  • Claudia Bot Builder - Open Source library to create chat bots for FB, Slack, Skype and Telegram and deploy to AWS Lambda
  • AIVA -General-purpose virtual assistant for developers.
  • Bottr - Open Source bot framework (nodejs).
  • RedBot - A Node-RED plugin to create multi-platform bots visually (nodejs).
  • Botman - an open-source framework in PHP
  • Bottender - an open-source chatbot framework in NodeJS


Chatbot design

  • Botsociety - Design and preview your chabot before actually building it.

Chatbot builder

  • Flow XO - Bot + human messaging platform
  • Gupshup - Comprehensive Platform to build Bots and use messaging Services
  • Pandorabots - Web service for building and deploying chatbots
  • DialogFlow - Conversational User Experience platform
  • reply.ai - Platform to build & manage conversation chatbots
  • Chatfuel - Build a Facebook bot without coding
  • m.io - Enterprise bots for Slack, HipChat and Skype
  • TuringRobot - Platform for AI robots and AI robot OS

Messaging services

  • msg.ai - AI for Conversational Commerce
  • wit.ai - Natural Language for Developers
  • Google NLP - Cloud Natural Language API (up to 5K free analyses/month)


Payments & Subscriptions

Example projects

Chatbot Platforms and Channels

Personal Assistants





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