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A small on-line decision matrix application to assist in decision making and communicating relevant factors with collaborators. Written in OCaml using TEA. Hosted on-line demo available.
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A small on-line decision matrix application to assist in decision making and precise communication of relevant factors inside communities. Written in OCaml using the TEA architecture.

Try it on-line


There is much to do!!! This is an initial commit.


I believe people do better when they have a better working mental model.

Technology comparison articles frustrate me as frequently rife with

  • us vs. them thinking / emotive / tribal think (along with consequent ad hominem attacks)
  • strawman arguments
  • a lack of precision about the factors under consideration
  • conflation of how an alternative might score for some decision factor with the total relevance of the factor. For example, there is a lot of "yeah choice X may not be great at thing Y but Y is completely stupid and no one needs it".

As humans we tend towards all of the above. That's OK. We also build tools to overcome our limits. This little decision matrix toy is just one method I believe can be helpful in mitigating some of the nastier tendencies of technology comparisons by providing an easier means of

  • separating and communicating situational elements (factor weights) from factor scoring.
  • quantifying relative scoring.
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