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This repository holds a polished subset of the main MOLIERE repository. Here is a single tool with a easy to use python interface for running the Moliere Query Pipeline.
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This repo stores a polished subset of the main MOLIERE code, and provides a simple python interface to query the MOLIERE knowledge network for new hypotheses.

System Requirements

  • gcc (something recent enough to support c++11)
  • mpich (mpich 1, NOT 2, needs to provide mpicxx)
  • python 3
  • preferred: some sort of parallel file system

To run on Palmetto simply use module load gcc mpich python.

Install Process

The install process is pretty informal. The following steps are how I would setup Moliere on a linux system.

export MOLIERE_HOME=<some install directory>
mkdir -p $MOLIERE_HOME
git clone .

Next, you just need to get the data file into $MOLIERE_HOME/data. The latest data we have avalible can be found in the following link:

Get Data Here (Google Drive Link)


Okay, now you have everything you need, assuming you ran make, setup the $MOLIERE_HOME environment variable, and downloaded the provided data in to $MOLIERE_HOME/data. To run our system, you will be executing Note, feel free to move this file anywhere you would like, as long as $MOLIERE_HOME is set, you're good to go.

If you run -h you can see the options for the system. But, the general usage is going to be -n $TOPIC_COUNT -m $TERM_A $TERM_B. Note that -n sets the number of topics (defaults to 100) and -m moves the resulting topic model and evaluation files from the local cache (default to /tmp) to the working directory.


The work shown here is primarily based off this paper so if you use our tool in research, please include the following citation:

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