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Twitter Sentiment Analysis
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Hapi - The Twitter Sentiment Analyzer


Our goal when creating Hapi was to provide companies with a way to develop a deeper understanding of public perception relating to their products or brand. Hapi collects the following information about a user or hashtags last 100 tweets:

  • Average Sentiment
  • Most Positive Tweet
  • Most Negative Tweet
  • Number of Positive Tweets
  • Number of Negative Tweets
  • Number of Neutral Tweets
  • Number of Tweets Omitted

Note: Tweets omitted are tweets that only contain a link, image, media, or are in a different language

Development Roadmap

We plan to continue developing Hapi. Here are a few things we are working on to improve the site:

  • Efficiency
  • User Experience and Interactability
  • Error Checking
  • Styling
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