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Java 8 Collections And Streams Examples

Java 8 introduced a lot of long-awaited improvements to the Java language:

  • Lambdas
  • Simplifies Date/Time APIs
  • Concurrency APIs
  • Optionals
  • and . . . Streams

Since our topic today is Streams, we must also discuss the changes to the Java 8 Collections APIs which were made to support Streams. This example project demonstrates a few of the features of the new APIs using (I hope!) simple and concise code.


A Simple List Source

This example starts with a list of objects/primitives and performs operations using the new Streams API.

  • simpleFilterListExample() - Filter a list of strings using streams and lambda expressions
  • parallelFilterListExample() - When you need to filter/sort a LARGE amount of data and want to take advantage of multiple CPU cores
  • genesisWordCount() - Given a sample of text from Genesis, tally word usages and return top 5 using parallel streams


August 2016 - Java 8 Collections And Streams



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