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JCoRe OpenNLP Sentence Segmenter Wrapper


JULIE Lab SentenceAnnotator is an UIMA Analysis Engine that identifies sentences in given texts with respect to user-defined end-of-sentence punctuation markers. This Engine is a Wrapper for the OpenNLP SentenceDetector, which can detect that a punctuation character marks the end of a sentence or not. It has a method named sentPosDetect(String s), which returns an array of spans for each detected sentence. To instantiate the SentenceDetectorME, the Sentence Model must be loaded first.

Requirements and Dependencies

The input and output of an AE is done via annotation objects. The classes corresponding to these objects are part of the JCoRe Type System.

Using the AE - Descriptor Configuration

For this component the "Base" version won't be sufficient if you're not planning on training your own model but rather want to use them out-of-the-box in a prediction pipeline. As of now the present component has a specialized project with pretrained models (available from the JCoRe Projects Pages). Please refer to this link for information on how to use them in your pipeline.

1. Parameters

Parameter Name Parameter Type Mandatory Multivalued Description
modelFileName String yes no Path to the OpenNLP SentenceDectector model

2. Predefined Settings

Parameter Name Parameter Syntax Example
modelFileName valid Path to the ModelFiles resources/SentDetectGenia.bin.gz

3. Capabilities

Type Input Output
de.julielab.jcore.types.Sentence +


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