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###Welcome to the JCoRe Wiki!

(Please see the contents on the right side.)

The JULIE Lab Component Repository (JCoRe) is an open software repository for full-scale natural language processing based on the UIMA middleware framework. JCoRe offers a broad range of text analytics (mostly) for English-language scientific abstracts and full-text articles, especially for the biology domain.

This Wiki assumes you are only interested in using our tools as is to build NLP Pipelines. (There is also a developer's manual if you want to partake in active development of JCoRe.) However, if you encounter bugs or such when running our tools, feel free to report them by opening an issue.
There are basically two ways you can plug together a JCoRe NLP Pipeline:

Before you can use our components you need at least Java, Maven (and UIMA). Please see the Requirements Section for further information.

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