Supercharged PHPUnit integration with Symfony projects
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Welcome visitors!

Please note that the version of JPUP hosted at is out-of-date (1.0.3 even though it says 1.0.7 on the plugin page).

Unfortunately, the developer who maintains this project no longer has access to the account that owns the plugin page, as he no longer works at JWT, so the version on will likely remain obsolete for the foreseeable future.

If you aren't already, it is strongly recommended that you use git submodules to manage the JPUP installation for your projects instead of Symfony's plugin manager.

1.0.10 Update

Please note that 1.0.10 introduces a change that could break existing functional tests!

  • Test_Browser->call() now expects its $uri parameter to resolve to a valid route. If you are calling a route with required parameters, they must be included in $uri, or else an InvalidArgumentException will be thrown.

    See ("Query String Parameters") for more information.



sfJwtPhpUnitPlugin ("JPUP") was developed at JWT to assist in the development of several Symfony 1.4 projects.

JPUP boasts robust database handling (modeled loosely after Django's test framework and sfPhpUnitPlugin), unlimited extensibility over Symfony's sfBrowser class and user-friendly tasks for running collections of tests.

We found this plugin to be exceptionally useful for testing database-driven Symfony applications, and we wanted to share it with the Symfony community.

ANOTHER PHPUnit Plugin for Symfony?

Before embarking upon development for JPUP, we took a look around, and while we did discover a number of existing solutions that worked fantastically, we found that none of them quite met our needs.

The most critical problems we set out to solve with JPUP are:

  • Isolation from production data and files in a project.
  • Easy (but powerful!) data manipulation and fixture integration.
  • A port of sfBrowser that has sfTestFunctional's API but doesn't use Lime.
  • Using Symfony tasks to run multiple tests in one go.



JPUP was developed specifically for projects using Symfony 1.4 and Doctrine.

Propel is not currently supported, but there are plans to add Propel support.


JPUP requires PHPUnit 3.6.6.


JPUP is intended to be compatible with PHP 5.2 and greater.






We welcome any and all suggestions, requests, (constructive) criticism, code, fixes, forks, success stories... in short, if you think it would improve the quality of JPUP (or at least make us feel good about it), we'd love to see it.