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A fast, lightweight plugin that saves emails sent by your WordPress website.
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WP Mail Catcher

Build Status

A fast, lightweight plugin that saves emails sent by your WordPress website (under 140kb in size!)


  • Zero setup required - just install and away you go
  • Minimalistic - no overbloated features you never use weighing your site down - under 140kb in size!
  • Bulk export emails to CSV for easy inclusion into Excel or any other program
  • Compose new emails with the WordPress controls you're already familiar with
  • Resend your emails in bulk
  • Debugging - see exactly which file and code line was responsible for sending the email, along with any errors encountered
  • Manage what user permissions can see the logs
  • Routinely have your logs cleared out at a specified time - or keep them forever
  • Completely free

alt text

alt text

alt text

Confirmed support

Not currently supported

Testing locally

  1. Download the repo
  2. cd into testing and run composer install
  3. Run bash ./bin/ from the testing directory
  4. Run phpunit within the testing directory

Found an issue, or have an idea on how we can improve?

Let us know in our GitHub tracker!


Contributions are always welcome, to get started do the following:

  1. Pull the repo and run composer install
  2. cd into build/grunt and run npm install
  3. While inside of build/grunt run grunt this will watch your scss and js and compile any changes
  4. Make sure your code conforms to PSR-2 standards
  5. Ensure your changes pass all the unit tests
  6. Submit your pull request!

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