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Entelect Challenge 2018 - Tower Defence - Rustbot

This is the source code for my Entelect Challenge 2018 bot. It did really well, coming in 3rd place in the finals.

How does it work?

I’ve put together a blog post with the high level overview of how I got to this point and how it works here. I will be putting up more articles diving into the details shortly.

The short explanation is that it’s a Monte Carlo Tree Search. All possible moved I can make from the first state are generated. I then iterate through the list of possible moved and play random games that start with that move. The move that statistically wins the most random games is taken as the best move.

Environment Setup

The Rust compiler tool-chain can be downloaded from the Rust project website.


The bot is written in Rust, and compiled using Cargo. For the sake of running the bot in the tournament, you have to compile using the --release flag (this is specified in ./bot.json).

cargo build --release

After compilation, there will be an executable in target/release/.

Other useful commands

You can find other interesting commands that I used in writing the bot in the ./Makefile. Some notable ones are:

  • make bench: compiles with the benchmarking feature turned on, and runs my end to end benchmark.
  • make profile: similar to the benchmark, but runs single threaded, for a longer time, and uses perf to gather statistics on the run.
  • make Creates the zip file to upload to the Entelect Challenge servers.


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Bot for the 2018 Entelect Challenge - Tower Defence




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