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This repository for our website has been archived, and all issues are therefore frozen. If you want to contribute, propose a new feature and/or report a bug with the blog, please head over to the new repository

JabRef's blog

This repository contains the source of the JabRef blog.

Feel free to send blog entries. Find details in our file.

The layout is based on We use jekyll as static site generator. See GitHub pages for more details on the mechanics behnd.

Testing the blog entry

Execute bundle exec jekyll serve to serve this page locally at http://localhost:4000/.

For running htmlproof, execute these two commands:

bundle exec jekyll build
bundle exec htmlproof ./_site



  1. Install Ruby by using the RubyInstaller or choco install ruby
  2. Install the Development Kit (or by choco install ruby2.devkit)
  3. gem install bundler
  4. bundle install

Note that JRuby doesn't work as the C extensions were dropped.


On Windows, you have to do following steps to let htmlproof work.

Updating jekyll

You can update your jekyll instance using bundle update. This might be necessary because of the update to Jekyll 3.0 by GitHub.