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Generates Contributor Lists for #hacktoberfest
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Hacktoberfest Contributor Overview Generator

Generates a CSV file containing the overview on Hacktoberfest contributions.

For JabRef's Hacktoberfest, we needed an overview on contributors. There was no tool available, so we wrote our own.

This tool works for us. The code needs to be adapted for your repositories.

  • Get a GitHub personal access token and insert it at the beginning of
  • Adapt the organization and repoName fields to contain your repositories in
  • Adapt the excludedLogins to contain login names core developers in

Run it with ./gradlew run

Example output:

Example-User1 (GitHub <>): pull requests: 1, lines added: 12, lines removed: 12, files touched: 5
Example-User2 (GitHub <>): pull requests: 2, lines added: 52, lines removed: 9, files touched: 5
Example-User3 (GitHub <>): pull requests: 3, lines added: 28, lines removed: 27, files touched: 16
Example-User4 (GitHub <>): pull requests: 5, lines added: 99, lines removed: 17, files touched: 13
Example-User5 (GitHub <>): pull requests: 1, lines added: 290, lines removed: 14, files touched: 4

total: authors: 5, pull requests: 12, lines added: 481, lines removed: 79, files touched: 41
pull requests: total: 12, min: 1, max: 5, avg: 2, med: 2
files touched: total: 43, min: 4, max: 16, avg: 9, med: 5
lines added: total: 79, min: 9, max: 27, avg: 16, med: 14
lines removed: total: 481, min: 12, max: 290, avg: 96, med: 52

License: MIT. See LICENSE for details.

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