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JabRef Web-based Help Build Status

This repository is serves the content of

Feel free to improve the page using the issue tracker or pull requests.
The help content is licensed under CC-BY-4.0

See also our guidelines and quick start guide on contributing.

Installation of Jekyll to check the page locally

Execute following steps:

  1. gem install bundler
  2. bundle install
  3. bundle exec jekyll serve --incremental

Now, the page is served locally at http://localhost:4000/.


Script overview

The script has following commands available (each can be shown when called with the help parameter -h on any of the positional parameters):

  • $ python _scripts/ status [-e|--extended] [-m --markdown]

    • prints the current status to the console
    • [-e|--extended] prints the relevant pages (also applies to the markdown mode)
    • [-m --markdown] write the status int the markdown syntax and opens the file
  • $ python _scripts/ update [-e|--extended]

    • updates all the redirecting pages and the index file of each language as well as the include pages
    • [-e|--extended] prints the relevant pages
  • $ python _scripts/ clean [-e|--extended]

    • removes all the generated pages, the help site may not work afterwards
    • [-e|--extended] prints the deleted pages
  • $ python _scripts/ removeHelpSuffix [-e|--extended]

    • removes from all help pages the Help suffix and creates redirects for them, this gets also called on each update
    • [-e|--extended] prints the renamed pages

Installation notes


  1. Open cmd.exe with administrative privileges
  2. Install Chocolatey

For using

  1. choco install python2
  2. Switch back to normal command prompt
  3. c:\tools\python2\Scripts\pip install python-frontmatter

For using Jekyll:

  1. choco install ruby --version choco pin add -n ruby. - install Ruby 2.4 as version 2.5 is currently not supported by Jekyll's gem bundle
  2. refreshenv - to have ridk in the path
  3. ridk install - to start installing Ruby Development Kit
  4. Choose option 3
  5. Now, bundle install should succeed.

In case there are Jekyll plugins required, do these steps [source, linked from]:

  1. Download
  2. Extract to c:\temp\curl-7.40.0-devel-mingw64
  3. Run gem install curb --platform=ruby -- --with-curl-lib=C:/temp/curl-7.40.0-devel-mingw64/bin --with-curl-include=C:/temp/curl-7.40.0-devel-mingw64/include
  4. Alternative to step 4: Copy libcurl.dll to c:\tools\ruby24\bin [source]

Note: On windows, this works with RubyInstaller, version 2.4. This installer is used when using chocolatey. The separate Development Kit installer is not required anymore. JRuby doesn't work as the C extensions were dropped.