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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. This project does not adhere to Semantic Versioning. This file tries to follow the conventions proposed by Here, the categories "Changed" for added and changed functionality, "Fixed" for fixed functionality, and "Removed" for removed functionality are used.

We refer to GitHub issues by using #NUM.



  • We changed the location of some fields in the entry editor (you might need to reset your preferences for these changes to come into effect)
    • Journal/Year/Month in biblatex mode -> Deprecated (if filled)
    • DOI/URL: General -> Optional
    • Internal fields like ranking, read status and priority: Other -> General
    • Moreover, empty deprecated fields are no longer shown
  • Added server timezone parameter when connecting to a shared database.
  • We updated the dialog for setting up general fields.
  • URL field formatting is updated. All whitespace chars, located at the beginning/ending of the url, are trimmed automatically
  • We changed the behavior of the field formatting dialog such that the bibtexkey is not changed when formatting all fields or all text fields.
  • We added a "Move file to file directory and rename file" option for simultaneously moving and renaming of document file. #4166
  • Use integrated graphics card instead of discrete on macOS #4070
  • We added a cleanup operation that detects an arXiv identifier in the note, journal or url field and moves it to the eprint field. Because of this change, the last-used cleanup operations were reset.
  • We changed the minimum required version of Java to 1.8.0_171, as this is the latest release for which the automatic Java update works. 4093
  • The special fields like Printed and Read status now show gray icons when the row is hovered.
  • We added a button in the tab header which allows you to close the database with one click.
  • Sorting in the main table now takes information from cross-referenced entries into account.
  • If a group has a color specified, then entries matched by this group have a small colored bar in front of them in the main table.
  • Change default icon for groups to a circle because a colored version of the old icon was hard to distinguish from its black counterpart.
  • In the main table, the context menu appears now when you press the "context menu" button on the keyboard. feature request in the forum
  • We added icons to the group side panel to quickly switch between union and intersection group view mode
  • We use https for fetching from most online bibliographic database.
  • We changed the default keyboard shortcuts for moving between entries when the entry editor is active to ̀alt + up/down.
  • Opening a new file now prompts the directory of the currently selected file, instead of the directory of the last opened file.
  • Window state is saved on close and restored on start.
  • We made the MathSciNet fetcher more reliable.
  • We added the ISBN fetcher to the list of fetcher available under "Update with bibliographic information from the web" in the entry editor toolbar.
  • Files without a defined external file type are now directly opened with the default application of the operating system
  • We streamlined the process to rename and move files by removing the confirmation dialogs.
  • We removed the redundant new lines of markings and wrapped the summary in the File annotation tab. #3823
  • We add auto url formatting when user paste link to URL field in entry editor. koppor#254
  • We added a minimal height for the entry editor so that it can no longer be hidden by accident. #4279
  • We added a new keyboard shortcut so that the entry editor could be closed by Ctrl + E. [#4222] (
  • We added an option in the preference dialog box, that allows user to pick the dark or light theme option. [#4130] (
  • We updated updated the Related Articles tab to accept JSON from the new version of the Mr. DLib service
  • We added an option in the preference dialog box that allows user to choose behavior after dragging and dropping files in Entry Editor. #4356
  • We added the ability to have an export preference where previously "File"-->"Export"/"Export selected entries" would not save the user's preference#4495
  • We optimized the code responsible for connecting to an external database, which should lead to huge improvements in performance.
  • For automatically created groups, added ability to filter groups by entry type. #4539
  • We added the ability to add field names from the Preferences Dialog #4546
  • We added the ability change the column widths directly in the main table. #4546
  • We added the ability to execute default action in dialog by using with Ctrl + Enter combination #4496
  • We grouped and reordered the Main Menu (File, Edit, Library, Quality, Tools, and View tabs & icons). #4666 #4667 #4668 #4669 #4670 #4671 #4672 #4673
  • We added additional modifiers (capitalize, titlecase and sentencecase) to the Bibtex key generator. #1506
  • We grouped the toolbar icons and changed the Open Library and Copy icons. #4584
  • We added a browse button next to the path text field for aux-based groups. #4586
  • We changed the title of Group Dialog to "Add subgroup" from "Edit group" when we select Add subgroup option.
  • We enable import button only if entries are selected. #4755
  • We made modifications to improve contrast of UI elements. #4583



  • The feature to "mark entries" was removed and merged with the groups functionality. For migration, a group is created for every value of the __markedentry field and the entry is added to this group.
  • The number column was removed.
  • We removed the coloring of cells in the maintable according to whether the field is optional/required.
  • We removed the feature to find and resolve duplicate BibTeX keys (as this use case is already covered by the integrity check).
  • We removed a few commands from the right-click menu that are not needed often and thus don't need to be placed that prominently:
    • Print entry preview: available through entry preview
    • All commands related to marking: marking is not yet reimplemented
    • Set/clear/append/rename fields: available through Edit menu
    • Manage keywords: available through Edit menu
    • Copy linked files to folder: available through File menu
    • Add/move/remove from group: removed completely (functionality still available through group interface)
  • We removed the option to change the column widths in the preferences dialog. #4546

Older versions

The changelog of JabRef 4.x is available at the v4.x branch. The changelog of JabRef 3.x is available at the v3.8.2 tag. The changelog of JabRef 2.11 and all previous versions is available as text file in the v2.11.1 tag.

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