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Use MariaDB Connector

Context and Problem Statement

JabRef needs to connect to a MySQL database. See Shared SQL Database for more information.

Considered Options

  • Use MariaDB Connector
  • Use MySQL Connector

Other alternatives are listed at

Decision Outcome

Chosen option: "Use MariaDB Connector", because comes out best (see below).

Pros and Cons of the Options

Use MariaDB Connector

The MariaDB Connector is a LGPL-licensed JDBC driver to connect to MySQL and MariaDB.

  • Good, because can be used as drop-in replacement for MySQL connectopr

Use MySQL Connector

The MySQL Connector is distributed by Oracle and licensed under GPL-2. Source: Oracle added the Universal FOSS Exception, Version 1.0 to it, which seems to limit the effects of GPL. More information on the FOSS Exception are available at

  • Good, because it stems from the same development team than MySQL
  • Bad, because the "Universal FOSS Exception" makes licensing more complicated.
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