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koppor commented Sep 9, 2015 edited

The plugin system of JabRef used the Java Plug-in Framework, which is not state of the art anymore. The modern way is to use Jigsaw. However, offering a plugin interface requires the interfaces to be stable. This cannot be guaranteed. Issues such as korv/Jabref-plugins#13 or lehner/LocalCopy#6 will arise. We assume that plugin functionality directly integrated in the JabRef code will ensure that it will be maintained, we removed the plugin functionality.

We ask all plugin developers to fork JabRef, integrate the plugin functionality and create a pull request. Our file provides details.

In the long run, all available plugins should be integrated in JabRef.

jdpipe commented Jan 6, 2016

Hi there

Does this also affect jabref-ooplugin?

I still use this regularly, and hope that it can continue to be supported.



The OO plugin is still supported as it is integrated into JabRef directly. No need to worry. :)

oscargus commented Feb 4, 2016

I just found this plugin: which seems quite useful as far as I can tell. It is rather recently updated and relies on the file-field rather than the pdf-field. Should we ask the author if he could integrate it?

oscargus commented Feb 4, 2016

Oh, now I saw kwwette/pdftasks#1 ... Still, the impression is that this plugin makes things a bit more intuitive compared to running a cleanup. Also, this could be used as a starting point to extract additional information from PDFs etc.

dajare commented Feb 18, 2016

I'm new to JabRef, and a bit confused about how things are going in this transition phase (as it appears to be). I'm using JabRef 3.2, but wanting/needing to use some custom export filters. These exist as "plugins":

  • net.sf.jabref.export.Chicago(English)-1.2.jar
  • net.sf.jabref.export.Turabian(English)-1.2.jar

These are available from the old resources page. Is there a way to make use of these old plugins in 3.2?

(+ Apologies if this is the wrong place for this: I got here via a link in the mailing list.)

mlep commented Apr 21, 2016

@koppor Could you update the checkbox, as the list of plugins is listed in the FAQ (

@lenhard lenhard added the cleanup label Jul 29, 2016
@tobiasdiez tobiasdiez removed the cleanup label Aug 4, 2016

I marked the ADS fetcher plugins as done since we now have search by query and search by id as fetcher, which was exactly the purpose of these ADS plugins.

@koppor koppor referenced this issue Nov 18, 2016

[WIP] Integrate BibSonomy Plugin #2157

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