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JabRef Version 3.8.2
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@koppor koppor released this
· 8009 commits to main since this release

We are pleased to announce the release of JabRef version 3.8.2!

Read about noteworthy changes in our blog post at


  • Added the option to update bibliographic information from DOI to the sidebar of the entryeditor. Implements #2432.
  • The default shortcut for "Cleanup entries" is now Alt + F8 since F8 alone did not work.
    Please reset your key bindings to get Alt + F8 as default.
    Fixes #2251.


  • The formatter for normalizing pages now also can treat ACM pages such as 2:1--2:33.
  • Backslashes in content selectors are now correctly escaped. Fixes #2426.
  • Non-ISO timestamp settings prevented the opening of the entry editor. Fixes #2447.
  • When pressing Ctrl + F and the searchbar is already focused, the text will be selected.
  • LaTeX symbols are now displayed as Unicode for the author column in the main table. 'n and \'{n} are parsed correctly. Fixes #2458.
  • If one deleted the current query it was not saved (every basepanel can have its own query). Fixes #2468.
  • The ACM fetcher does no longer add HTML code to the bib-file. Fixes #2472.
  • When finding unlinked files, JabRef does not freeze any more. Fixes #2309#2309).
  • Collapse and expand all buttons in the group assignment dialog no longer lead to a crash of JabRef.
  • The aux export command line function does no longer add duplicates of references that were resolved via crossref. Fixes #2475.
  • When the database is changed externally, JabRef is no longer prevented from an orderly shutdown. Fixes #2486.
  • Parsing of damaged metadata is now more robust and reports a more detailed error message. Fixes #2477.
  • Dynamic groups with regular expression can be edited again. Fixes #2481.