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JabRef Version 4.0 beta 2

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@LinusDietz LinusDietz released this 19 Jul 10:08

We are pleased to announce the release of JabRef version 4.0 beta 2!

In the spirit of the last beta release, we decided to release a second beta before the full 4.0 release. We are continuing the transition of the user interface technology to JavaFX.

As usual, check out the blog post for more information on this beta release.


  • We moved the adsurl field to url field when fetching with the ADS fetcher.
  • We continued to improve the new groups interface:
    • You can now again select multiple groups (and a few related settings were added to the preferences) #2786.
    • We further improved performance of group operations, especially of the new filter feature #2852.
    • It is now possible to resort groups using drag & drop #2785.
  • The entry editor got a fresh coat of paint:
    • Homogenize the size of text fields.
    • The buttons were changed to icons.
    • Completely new interface to add or modify linked files.
    • Removed the hidden feature that a double click in the editor inserted the current date.
    • Complete new implementation of the the auto complete feature.
  • All authors and editors are separated using semicolons when exporting to csv. #2762
  • Improved wording of "Show recommendations: into "Show 'Related Articles' tab" in the preferences
  • We added integration of the Library of Congress catalog as a fetcher based on the LCCN identifier. Feature request 636 in the forum
  • The integrity check for person names now also tests that the names are specified in one of the standard BibTeX formats.
  • Links in the Recommended Articles tab (Mr.DLib), when clicked, are now opened in the system's default browser. 2931
  • We improved the duplicate checker such that different editions of the same publication are not marked as duplicates. 2960


  • We fixed a bug that leaves .sav file after SaveAs #2947
  • We fixed the function "Edit - Copy BibTeX key and link" to pass a hyperlink rather than an HTML statement.
  • We fixed the adding of a new entry from DOI which led to a connection error. The DOI resolution now uses HTTPS to protect the user's privacy.#2879
  • We fixed the IEEE Xplore web search functionality #2789
  • We fixed an error in the CrossRef fetcher that occurred if one of the fetched entries had no title
  • We fixed an issue that prevented new entries to be automatically assigned to the currently selected group #2783.
  • We fixed a bug that only allowed parsing positive timezones from a FileAnnotation #2839
  • We fixed a bug that did not allow the correct re-export of the MS-Office XML field msbib-accessed with a different date format #2859.
  • We fixed some bugs that prevented the display of FileAnnotations that were created using the Foxit Reader. #2839, comment.
  • We fixed an error that prevented the FileAnnotation tab to load when the entry had no bibtexkey #2903.
  • We fixed a bug which which could result in an exception when opening/saving files from/to a nonexistent directory #2917.
  • We fixed a bug where recursive RegExpBased search found a file in a subdirectory multiple times and non-recursive RegExpBased search erroneously found files in subdirectories.
  • We fixed a bug where new groups information was not stored on save #2932
  • We fixed a bug where the language files for Brazilian Portugese could not be loaded and the GUI localization remained in English #1128
  • We fixed a bug where the database was not marked as dirty when entries or groups were changed #2787
  • We fixed a bug where editors in the DocBook export were not exported #3020
  • We fixed a bug where the source tab was not updated when one the fields was changed #2888
  • We restored the original functionality that when browsing through the MainTable, the Entry Editor remembers which tab was opened before #2896