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JabRef Version 4.0 beta 3 Pre-release
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The transition to the new GUI technology JavaFX is reaching a milestone where most of the entry editor is already migrated.
This beta3 release should encourage you to test the new user interface, especially the new entry editor, as we feel that it can be released soon.

As usual, check out the blog post for more information on this beta release.


  • We made the font size in the entry editor and group panel customizable by "Menu and label font size". #3034
  • If fetched article is already in database, then the entry merge dialog is shown.
  • An error message is now displayed if you try to create a group containing the keyword separator or if there is already a group with the same name. #3075 and #1495
  • The FileAnnotationsTab was re-implemented in JavaFx. #3082
  • Integrity warnings are now directly displayed in the entry editor.
  • We added the functionality to have regex as modifier. #457


  • We fixed an issue where the fetcher for the Astrophysics Data System (ADS) added some non-bibtex data to the entry returned from the search #3035
  • We improved the auto completion so that minor changes are not added as suggestions. #2998
  • We readded the undo mechanism for changes in the entry editor #2973
  • We fixed an issue where assigning an entry via drag and drop to a group caused JabRef to stop/freeze completely #3036
  • We fixed the shortcut Ctrl+F for the search field.
  • We fixed an issue where title_case and capitalize modifiers did not work with shorttitle.
  • We fixed an issue where the preferences could not be imported without a restart of JabRef #3064
  • We fixed an issue where DEL, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V and Ctrl+A in the search field triggered corresponding actions in the main table #3067
  • We fixed an issue where JabRef freezed when editing an assigned file in the General-Tab #2930, comment
  • We fixed an issue where a file could not be assigned to an existing entry via the entry context menu action Attach file #3080
  • We fixed an issue where entry editor was not focused after opening up. #3052
  • We fixed an issue where changes in the source tab were not stored when selecting a new entry. #3086
  • We fixed an issue where the other tab was not updated when fields where changed in the source tab. #3063
  • We fixed an issue where the source tab was not updated after fetching data by DOI. #3103
  • We fixed an issue where the move to group operation did not remove the entry from other groups #3101
  • We fixed an issue where the main table was not updated when grouping changes #1903