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Current items being worked on:

  • Éric Platon (Japan):
    • game page with 4 gamecontrol-edges using Google Maps (prob knockoutjs and jquery)
    • deliverable html/css/js which will be integrated in the .NET project by Jacco
    • probably delivered: 18:00 A'dam time
  • Éric Platon (Japan):
    • translation to Japanese of Login.resx and Register.resx
    • deliverables and
  • Rafael Pedrola (Spain):
    • styling of the login and register pages in site.less
    • deliverable site.less (and maybe some changes to login.cshtml/register.cshtml
  • Jacco Kulman (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    • implement google analytics in the master page
    • make emailing from web application possible
    • and finish forms functionality
  • Martijn Zwaal (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    • will implement the ChangePassword / ChangeEmail and UpdateProfile pages
  • Casper de Geus (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    • arrange email and virtual server
  • Marnix van Dixhoorn (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    • create concept art
  • Wouter Baars (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    • collect data on renewable energy for modeling the game/simulation
    • sounds and music (not yet)
  • Bart Enkelaar (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    • Modelling backend
  • MaT Bonnet
    • Support to GIS team, help find EU data
    • Support to setup mobile app version
  • Randall Wessel (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    • Coordination, testing, translation

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