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PHP based download accelerator
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hey, i thought many people will like that.
I just wanted to help, so this PHP class may help some people who need it.
it's not a script, neither a software, it's a class used by developers to be integrated in their scripts.
How about cookies, proxies and other curl option??
well, everybody know curl_setopt_array(), you need to create an array, put all your configs there and pass it to the class using
setCurlOpts(). But keep in mind, these settings will be overwritten:

Included Functins
this is a list of function made in the class
 + activeLog() - true or false - to desactivate activate log - log file is created in tempdir
 + setUrl() - sets the url to download
 + setParts() - number of connection (parts) to be created
 + setCookies() - set the cookies string to be passed with the curl request
 + setTempDir() - must be absolute parth, if not found, it will be created
 + setProgressCallback() - enable progressbars
 + setDownloadDir() - must be absolute parth, if not found, it will be created
 + setCurlOpts() - this is the function allowing you to set your cookies, proxies and other option as an array of curl options.
 + getFileSize() - you may use it to get the file size of a url
 + isMT() - check if the given url supports multithreaded connection
 + download() - the most important function  lol
 + slow_download() - force CurlAxel to download file using 1 connection
 + fast_download() - force CurlAxel to download file using multiple connection

to use the progress bar, you need to integrate jquery and jqueey progressbar plugin into your page. Here is what to do:
		<script src="js/jquery.js"></script>
		<script src="js/jquery.progressbar.min.js"></script>
it will look like that =>
see test.php for more details
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