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.section .rodata
.float 0
.float 1
.float 2
.float 3
.global pf_spline_distance_internal
push {fp}
add fp, sp, #0 // Push new Stack Frame
// Arg 0: r0: Spline Pointer
// Arg 1: r1: Sample Count
// <return>: : Total Distance of all Splines (Arc Length)
mov r3, r1 // Duplicate Sample Count into r3 for percentage.
lsr r1, #2 // Logical Shift Right by 2 Bits (2^2 = 4 = 4 samples at a time)
// Initialize Arc Length into s0 (d0)
veor d0, d0 // XOR itself to 0
// Convert Sample Count into a Single Precision float s2
vmov s2, r3
vcvt.f32.s32 s2, s2
vmov r3, s2
// Deriv of Spline Initial (deriv0) in r2 and s3
// x = p * k. p == 0 \therefore x = 0
// dy/dt = (5ax + 4b)x^3 + (3cx + 2d)x + e
// \therefore dy/dt = e
ldr r2, [r0, #(4*4)]
vmov s3, r2
// Load last integrand into s4
// last_integrand = sqrt(1 + deriv0^2) / sample_count
vmul.f32 s4, s3, s3
vmov.f32 s5, #1.0 // Temporary Storage
vadd.f32 s4, s4, s5
vsqrt.f32 s4, s4
vdiv.f32 s4, s4, s2
// Load Spline properties (a, b, c, d, e, knot) into q2-q6 + q12
ldr r4, [r0, #(0*4)]
vdup.32 q2, r4
ldr r4, [r0, #(1*4)]
vdup.32 q3, r4
ldr r4, [r0, #(2*4)]
vdup.32 q4, r4
ldr r4, [r0, #(3*4)]
vdup.32 q5, r4
ldr r4, [r0, #(4*4)]
vdup.32 q6, r4
ldr r4, [r0, #(8*4)]
vdup.32 q12, r4
// Write 'time base' into q8. Increased by 4 every iteration
vmov.f32 q8, #0.0
// Write 'time step' into q9
ldr r6, =f32_step_1
vld1.32 d18, [r6]
ldr r6, =f32_step_2
vld1.32 d19, [r6]
// Move 1 / sample_count into q10. Not using reciprocal as this is more accurate
vmov s28, r3
vmov s29, #1.0
vdiv.f32 s28, s29, s28
vmov r7, s28
vdup.32 q10, r7
// Duplicate number of segments for each iteration in q11
vmov.f32 q11, #4.0
// Store current iterator in q7
vadd.f32 q7, q8, q9
// Set q7 to our percentage of the way through sampling
// t = i / sample_count
vmul.f32 q7, q7, q10
// Store Deriv dy/dt in q13
// x = t * k
vmul.f32 q14, q7, q12 // Q14 Temp for x, We can now reuse q7
// dy/dt = (5ax + 4b)x^3 + (3cx + 2d)x + e
vmov.f32 q13, q6 // e
// 3cx
vmov.f32 q7, #3.0
vmul.f32 q7, q7, q4
vmul.f32 q7, q7, q14
// 2d
vmov.f32 q15, #2.0
vmul.f32 q15, q5
// (3cx + 2d) * x
vadd.f32 q7, q7, q15
vmul.f32 q7, q7, q14
// Add to q13 (our dy/dt running total)
vadd.f32 q13, q13, q7
// Since we're using Hermite Cubic, we actually don't need this, but we're going to use
// it anyway in case we decide to move to quartic or quintic in the future.
// The lines 107 to 121 will actually equate to adding 0 to q13 (our running dy/dt total)
// 5ax
vmov.f32 q7, #5.0
vmul.f32 q7, q7, q2
vmul.f32 q7, q7, q14
// 4b
vmov.f32 q15, #4.0
vmul.f32 q15, q3
// 5ax + 4b
vadd.f32 q7, q7, q15
// x^3 (x is no longer needed, we can do this in place @ Q14 using Q15 as scratch)
vmul.f32 q15, q14, q14
vmul.f32 q14, q14, q15
// (5ax + 4b) * x^3
vmul.f32 q7, q7, q14
// Add to q13 (our dy/dt running total)
vadd.f32 q13, q13, q7
// dy/dt is now in q13, (q7 + q14 + q15 are now free)
// Calculate the integrand into q7
// integrand = sqrt(1 + dydt^2) / sample_count
vmov.f32 q7, #1.0
vmul.f32 q14, q13, q13
vadd.f32 q7, q7, q14
// We're operating on q7[0] to q7[3], which is s28 to s31
vsqrt.f32 s28, s28
vsqrt.f32 s29, s29
vsqrt.f32 s30, s30
vsqrt.f32 s31, s31
vmul.f32 q7, q7, q10
// Increase time set by 4
vadd.f32 q8, q8, q11
// Now we can do the averaging of the integrands, adding to the arc length.
// Store the previous integrand in s4, arc length totalling in s0
// s1 used as scratch storage
// s2 used to store 2.0
vmov.f32 s2, #2.0
// arc_length += (integrand + last_integrand) / 2
// We're going to have to do this for every entry in the registers above.
// Last Integrand & Index 0 (q7[0] = s28)
vadd.f32 s1, s4, s28
vdiv.f32 s1, s1, s2
vadd.f32 s0, s0, s1
// Index 0 & Index 1 (q7[1] = s29)
vadd.f32 s1, s28, s29
vdiv.f32 s1, s1, s2
vadd.f32 s0, s0, s1
// Index 1 & Index 2 (q7[2] = s30)
vadd.f32 s1, s29, s30
vdiv.f32 s1, s1, s2
vadd.f32 s0, s0, s1
// Index 2 & Index 3 (q7[3] = s31)
vadd.f32 s1, s30, s31
vdiv.f32 s1, s1, s2
vadd.f32 s0, s0, s1
// Load Index 3 into the Last Integrand s4
vmov.f32 s4, s31
sub r1, r1, #1
cmp r1, #0
bgt ._psdi_loop
// Temporarily move knot into q7 so we can access it on the s registers
vmov.f32 q7, q12
// Multiply our arc length by knot (knot = q7[any idx] = s28)
vmul.f32 s0, s0, s28
// Move s0 (our total arc length) into r1 temporarily
vmov r1, s0
// Move r1 into our Spline Pointer's arc_length field
str r1, [r0, #(9*4)]
// Move r1 into r0 for the return value
mov r0, r1
sub sp, fp, #0 // Pop our Stack Frame
pop {fp}
bx lr