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.section .rodata
.float 0
.float 1
.float 2
.float 3
// Process 4 at a time
// d0-d1 {Q0} -> Distances
// d2-d3 {Q1} -> Velocities
// d4-d5 {Q2} -> Acceleration
// d6-d7 {Q3} -> Jerk
.global pf_trapezoid_generate_internal
push {fp}
add fp, sp, #0 // Push new Stack Frame
// Arg 0: r0: Segments
// Arg 1: r1: Time Delta
// Arg 2: r2: Acceleration
// Arg 3: r3: Segments Needed
// Args 4+ are stored on the stack
ldr r4, [sp, #(0+4)] // Load Arg 4 (Initial Distance) into r4
vdup.32 q11, r4 // Initial Distance in Q11
ldr r5, [sp, #(4+4)] // Load Arg 5 (Initial Velocity) into r5
vdup.32 q12, r5 // Initial Velocity in Q12
lsr r3, #2 // Logical Shift Right by 2 Bits (2^2 = 4 = 4 segments at a time)
add r3, r3, #1 // Add one to r3 for cases where the number of segments isn't exactly divisible by 4
// Duplicate number of segments for each iteration into q7
vmov.f32 q7, #4.0
vdup.32 q2, r2 // Write acceleration into q2
vmov.f32 q3, #0.0 // Write jerk into q3 (this is 0 since acceleration isn't sloped)
vdup.32 q14, r1 // Write time delta into q14
vmov.f32 q4, #0.0 // Duplicate the segment index offset into q4. This is used in the calculation of time. Increases after each iteration set
// Write 'segment step' into q5
ldr r6, =f32_step_1
vld1.32 d10, [r6]
ldr r6, =f32_step_2
vld1.32 d11, [r6]
// Write '0.5' into q10
vmov.f32 q10, #0.5
// Current iterator (segment_index) will be stored in q6
vadd.f32 q6, q4, q5
// Store time index in q8 (t = time_delta * segment_index)
vmul.f32 q8, q14, q6
// Store velocity in q1 (v = u + a*t)
vmul.f32 q1, q8, q2
vadd.f32 q1, q1, q12 // Add initial velocity
// s = s0 + ut + 0.5at^2
vmul.f32 q13, q12, q8 // Calculate ut into q13
vmul.f32 q8, q8, q8 // Square time
vmul.f32 q9, q2, q10 // Half acceleration
vmul.f32 q0, q8, q9 // Store distance in q0
vadd.f32 q0, q0, q13 // Add ut to the distance
vadd.f32 q0, q0, q11 // Add initial distance to distance
vst4.32 {d0, d2, d4, d6}, [r0]!
vst4.32 {d1, d3, d5, d7}, [r0]!
// Increase segment index offset by 4
vadd.f32 q4, q4, q7
sub r3, r3, #1
cmp r3, #0
bgt ._pftgi_loop
sub sp, fp, #0 // Pop our Stack Frame
pop {fp}
bx lr