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CSS3 Animate-it
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#CSS3-animate-it Just-add-water CSS animation

CSS3-animate-it is a bunch of cool, fun, and cross-browser animations for you to use in your projects.

##Usage To use CSS3-animate-it in your website, simply drop css3-animated.js at the end of your file and animations.css in the head.

  <link rel="stylesheet" href="animations.css">
<script type="text/javascript" src="/js/css3-animate-it.js"></script>

Once you have done that you can just define animatedParent as the parent class which is what will trigger the child class animated`` to animate whichever animation is defined, here we are using bounceInDown`.

You can do a whole bunch of other stuff with CSS3-animate-it.


If you want to have a set of animations start one after the other then you can set a sequence time in ms using data-sequence then define the order with data-id.

<div class="animatedParent" data-sequence="500">
  <h2 class="animated bounceInDown" data-id="1">It Works!</h2>
  <h2 class="animated bounceInDown" data-id="2">This animation will start 500ms after</h2>
  <h2 class="animated bounceInDown" data-id="3">This animation will start 500ms after</h2>

And some more other stuff with CSS3-animate-it. for more go through these link


animations.css is licensed under the MIT license. (


Pull requests are the way to go here. I apologize in advance for the slow action on pull requests and issues.

CSS3-Animate-it by Jack Mccourt

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