Click on a pixel on your screen and print its color value in RGB. Written for X11.
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A small tool for X11 that writes the color value on your screen at the cursor position to stdout, in RGB.


Left click to print the pixel color, any other mouse click to quit the program.

One Shot

In order to just select one pixel run colorpicker with the --one-shot option. The program will then quit after the first click.

Output Format

By default the program prints out the color in RGA format and in hexadecimal. Here is an example:

R:  44, G: 190, B:  78 | Hex: #2CBE4E

With the help of the --short option you can force colorpicker to just print out the hexadecimal value. Then you just get: #2CBE4E.

Color Preview

colorpicker allows you to show a preview of the color the currently hovered pixel in a reactangle. This reactangle is located at the bottom left of your screen. This comes in handy in combination with the one shot option so you don't pick blindly a color. Just add the --preview option for this feature.


# Pick a color and put the hexadecimal value in your clipboard
$ colorpicker --short --one-shot | xsel -b

# Pick a color with preview and put the hexadecimal value in your clipboard
$ colorpicker --short --one-shot --preview | xsel -b


  • GTK/GDK 2.0
  • X11
  • Xcomposite
  • Xfixes