This is the documentation for the Greppy Framework.
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This is the documentation for the Greppy Framework.

For more details take a look at or the Greppy API. If you got any problems, a wish to contribute or to discuss new features take a look at our #greppy IRC channel on freenode.



For getting started you need a proper build environment. You need to install all necessary node.js packages and some frontend assets, like Bootstrap and jQuery. To setup the documentation build environment just run:

$ make install

The build of the documentation will be located in a new created directory named docs/. All further builds will not clear the first build, they will only extend the build. Build the documentation with:

$ make build

If you like to clear the build directory, just run:

$ make clean

You can serve the builded documentation with a standalone server which is listening on localhost:9000. Start the server with:

$ make serve

You could start a process which watches all files for changes and automatically rebuild the documentation. This is great while you working on it. Start it with:

$ make watch