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Quick Start

Command Description
npm start Build assets and start a node server1
npm run development Run a node server, compile assets, and watch for changes
npm test Run tests 2
  1. This is intended for production but you can run it locally if you want.
  2. There are none right now!

This Repo

In my quest to master node.js I'm continuously working to improve my preferred stack for web app/site development. This repo builds a little portfolio site using...


  1. Complete design & features
    • Navigation design
    • Homepage content
    • Medium API integration (maybe?)
    • Project pages
  2. Proper UI animations
  3. Migrate to Koa with...
  4. isomorphic web app support (React)
  5. Better live reloading support in dev mode
  6. Meaningful e2e testing support

About me?

Yo! I'm Jack, and I'm a developer with an eye for detail and a passion for user interface design. Previously I've worked as a freelance web designer and developer for local businesses in Brisbane, Australia. Now I like to build neat things using shiny new tools when I'm not busy being awesome at Marketplacer in Melbourne.

Find me on GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Behance.