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Instant dev environment on any Mac
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Apple Store

Sit down to any demo box in an Apple Retail Store (or any Leopard system) and have Git, RubyGems 1.3.1 and SQLite3 working for you in less than a minute.

How To:

Paste the following into on any Mac:

mkdir -p work && cd work
curl > install
/bin/bash ./install

Then, when you're ready to leave:

cd .. && rm -rf work

And it's like you were never there.


You can work at the Apple Store. Or on your wife's/husband's computer. Or on a school computer. You don't need root access or XCode installed to get yourself going.

It doesn't install any files outside of the current directory. You can delete the folder you installed it from and the system will revert to it's previous, boring, condition.

Should I fork this and make it install stuff I like?


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