A Sinatra app serving barcodes from simple urls
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Barcode Service

This is a simple Sinatra server that turns simple web requests into formatted barcode images.

Instant installation and deploy

  • Clone this: git clone git://github.com/JackDanger/barcodeservice.git
  • Signup for an account at Heroku (better details here)
  • push it to Heroku.com: git push heroku master


You can embed barcodes into your web pages simply by using an tag

<img src="http://my-barcode-server.heroku.com/999999999999999.png?type=ISBN" />
<img src="http://my-barcode-server.heroku.com/ABCDEF1232333.png?type=code93" />
<img src="http://my-barcode-server.heroku.com/ABC123.png?width=50&height=30&x=4&y=200&scale=1" />

Patches welcome, forks celebrated.

Copyright (c) 2010 Jack Danger Canty. Released under the MIT License.