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(ns puzzle.eight-puzzle (:gen-class))
(def size 3); change to 4 to do a 15 puzzle
(defn abs [n]
(if (< 0 n) n (- n)))
(defrecord State [puzzle path])
(def solution (vec (range (* size size))))
(defn coords [idx]
"Return the x and y coordinates in a puzzle for the given index"
[(mod idx size)
(int (/ idx size))])
(defn manhattan-distance [[x1 y1] [x2 y2]]
(+ (abs (- x1 x2))
(abs (- y1 y2))))
(defn g [state]
"The cost of taking this path up to the current point"
(count (:path state)))
(defn h [state]
"The cost of solving this puzzle, under ideal conditions"
(let [puzzle (:puzzle state)]
(reduce +
(for [idx (range (* size size))]
(manhattan-distance (coords idx)
(coords (nth puzzle idx)))))))
(defn f [state]
The cost of getting into this state plus the cost
of reaching our goal from this state (optimistically).
This implements the A* search.
(+ (g state) (h state)))
(def pq-comparator (comparator (fn [a b] (< (a 1) (b 1)))))
(def frontier (java.util.PriorityQueue. 1000000 pq-comparator))
(defn branch [state dir]
(let [puzzle (vec (:puzzle state))
; The 0 position == the number of elements that appear before 0
blank-pos (count (take-while (comp not zero?) puzzle))
blankx (first (coords blank-pos))
blanky (last (coords blank-pos))
min 0
max (dec size)
[impossible swap]
(case dir
:left [(= min blankx) (dec blank-pos)]
:right [(= max blankx) (inc blank-pos)]
:up [(= min blanky) (- blank-pos size)]
:down [(= max blanky) (+ blank-pos size)])]
(if impossible
(->State (-> puzzle
(assoc blank-pos (puzzle swap))
(assoc swap 0))
(conj (:path state) dir)))))
(defn branches [state]
"Retrieve all adjacent states from the current one"
(filter (comp not nil?)
(for [dir [:up :down :left :right]]
(branch state dir))))
(defn search [state visited]
(let [bs (filter #(not (contains? visited (:puzzle %))) (branches state))]
; (zero? (mod (.size frontier) 150))
; (println (.size frontier) (if-let [f (.peek frontier)] (f 1))))
; add all new branches to the frontier
(dorun (for [b bs] (.add frontier [b (f b)])))
(if (not (zero? (.size frontier)))
[((.remove frontier) 0)
(apply conj visited (:puzzle state) (map :puzzle bs))])))
(defn solve [start]
(loop [state start
visited #{}]
(if (= solution (:puzzle state))
(println (:puzzle start) "\nsolved in" (g state) "steps:" (:path state))
(let [[state# visited#] (search state visited)]
(if state#
(recur state# visited#)
(str "not found in " (count visited) "nodes"))))))
(def p8a [5 3 7 8 1 2 4 0 6])
(def p15a [5 4 7 8 14 13 12 11 1 2 3 0 10 15 9 6])
(def s15 (->State p15a '()))
(defn solveable [n-steps]
(loop [n n-steps
s (->State solution '())]
(if (zero? n) (->State (:puzzle s) '())
(let [bs (branches s)
which (int (Math/floor (* (rand) (count bs))))]
(recur (dec n)
(nth bs which))))))
(defn -main [& args]
(dorun (for [n (range 10)] (time (solve (solveable (Integer/parseInt (first args))))))))