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Heroku API - deploy apps to Heroku from the command line

This library wraps the REST API for managing and deploying Rails apps to the Heroku platform. It can be called as a Ruby library, or invoked from the command line. Code push and pull is done through Git.

For more about Heroku see http://heroku.com.

For full documentation see http://heroku.com/docs.

Sample Workflow

Create a new Rails app and deploy it:

rails myapp && cd myapp   # Create an app
git init                  # Init git repository
git add .                 # Add everything
git commit -m Initial     # Commit everything
heroku create             # Create your app on Heroku
git push heroku master    # Deploy your app on Heroku


gem install heroku

If you wish to push or pull code, you must also have a working install of Git ("apt-get install git-core" on Ubuntu or "port install git-core" on OS X), and an ssh public key ("ssh-keygen -t rsa").

The first time you run a command, such as "heroku list," you will be prompted for your Heroku username and password. If you're on a Mac, these are saved to your Keychain. Otherwise they are stored in plain text in ~/heroku/credentials for future requests.

Your public key (~/.ssh/id_[rd]sa.pub) will be uploaded to Heroku after you enter your credentials. Use heroku keys:add if you wish to upload additional keys or specify a key in a non-standard location.


Created by Adam Wiggins

Maintained by Pedro Belo

Patches contributed by:

  • Chris O'Sullivan
  • Blake Mizerany
  • Ricardo Chimal
  • Les Hill
  • Ryan Tomayko
  • Sarah Mei
  • Nick Quaranto
  • Matt Buck
  • Terence Lee
  • Caio Chassot

Released under the MIT license. http://github.com/heroku/heroku