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Releases: JackDesBwa/PhereoRoll3D


31 Mar 12:08
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  • Fix access to some images (check in imagestore when image is not found in imagestore2)


09 Oct 16:54
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  • Add a mechanism to check last version
    • Every five days or on demand via the About page
  • Display total number of comments in current selection
  • Add ability to filter images with comments
    • By clicking on the number of comments on the list page, the "commented photos" filter is toggled.
  • Use "large" version of photos
    • Phereo can send a "large" version of the images. Usage of this version can be toggled in the settings.


27 Mar 14:04
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  • Add some interactions for PC version
    • Key C to hide/display cursor
    • Keys Enter/Return to select photo in list view
    • Key X to switch left/right in photo view
    • Keys up/down to manage info and comments in photo view
    • Keys +/-/0/= to manage zoom in photo view
    • Keys 2/5/8 to manage divergence in photo view
    • Wheel to zoom
    • Shift+Wheel to change divergence
    • Fix some key interaction with search box
  • Some improvements in user searches
    • Sort users by number of published photographs (you less likely want to see users who did not published anything)
    • Display when more than 500 users were found in user search (there is no pager to display more than 500 users)
  • Improvement of divergence tool
    • Fix divergence change with zoom
    • Allow bigger changes in divergence
  • Change label name of interleaved modes

Thanks to @Pierre-3D, a prebuilt package for Windows is also provided.
It was observed that systems without an OpenGL compatibility layer do not run this version.


19 Feb 14:32
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  • Fix precision of display coordinate system
    • Restore correct display behavior on systems with both a large screen and a GPU with low precision float having actually tremendously low precision
  • Tested with success on:
    • Elephone P8 3D
    • PPTV King 7S 3D
    • Doogee Y6 Max 3D
    • ZTE Axon 7 Max
    • ZTE K3DX V5
    • VKworld Discovery S2
    • Galaz N1 (in colums interleaved inverted mode)
    • Truly/Freevi tablet (with retro version)
    • Aikun Morphus X300
    • PC (although there is no prebuilt version)


09 Feb 22:40
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  • Fix interleaved display modes (some devices had glitches)
    • Truly/Freevi is now known to work (retro version)
    • VKworld Discovery S2 is now known to work
    • Other model can benefit from the improved algorithms
  • Add better support for 3D TV and high definition screens
    • Add stereo cursor when a mouse is used and moves (+ parameter to force cursor to be always hidden)
    • Add some scaling factors so that the text is not too small


17 Jan 18:49
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  • Change behavior of download button
    • When there is no right to write, the button has a cross on it
    • When photo is downloaded, the button has a check on it ; clicking opens the photo externally
    • When photo is not downloaded, the regular button is displayed ; clicking downloads the photo (than checked button version is displayed on success)
  • Fix computation of label count in photo list
    • Quadratic bugged computation time is now linear, which is a huge improvement when the list of loaded photos is a few hundreds
  • Adjust layout to handle long photo titles in photo view
  • Adjust code to make it compile with older versions of the framework


10 Jan 13:36
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  • Basic handle of swipe gestures in photo view
    • I noticed that lots of people try to interact this way intuitively
  • Add link to phereo website in photo info
    • It allows to view the photo in another app (e.g. browser)
    • As official phereo app catches these url, it also allows to open the photo in Phereo app to comment or like quickly
  • Add Android URL handling to open the app from phereo website
    • The app is thus listed in the available apps to open phereo URL
    • On my phone, my browser adds a little robot when I visit the phereo website and I can click on it to have the choice between official phereo app and PhereoRoll3D
  • Better display of number of images during loading of roll
    • Replace number of images by "..." while loading and "No result" if there is no image
  • Add basic animation to download button
    • Just to say it has done something, even if it failed
  • Add an 'about' page with links to the projet page, logo and small notice
  • Fix alternate display click-zone and info buttons conflict
  • Lots of updates in tiny manual & clean-up in growing code base
  • Experimental management of 3D barriers for some devices
    • Provided as is, without support (even not tested, as I do not own this kind of devices)
    • Do not know which devices are targeted exactly, probably those based on Neo3DO and MasterImage barrier


03 Jan 08:32
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  • Add a 20MB cache to keep recently accessed images. On Android, it is stored in the cache section so that the system can reclaim it if it needs space. You can also clear it through android app management.
  • Replace anonymous avatars by Gravatar images generated for each user not having profile picture
  • Add (rough) detection of hyperlinks in description/profile to be able to open them from the app
  • Add download button (if the app has the permissions to write to external storage)
  • Fix tags display when there is no tags
  • Fix https issues


03 Jan 08:17
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  • Fix pinch-zoom unexpected reset
  • Invert axis for zoom and divergence tools
  • Start in fullscreen on Android
  • Add total of likes counter in the photo list
  • Do not load avatar if photo info panel is not displayed
  • Add search page
    • Search by keyword
    • Search users
    • Search by tag
  • Add user profile page (access by press-and-hold on avatar/name or through search)
    • Some information and stats about the user
    • Access to their albums
    • Access to their followers
    • Access to their followees
  • Add clickable tags to start a search by that one directly


03 Jan 08:26
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  • Rename app
  • Handle pressed keys
    • back to list or quit: BACK or ESC
    • change current photo: LEFT/RIGHT arrows or VOLUME UP/DOWN
  • Add icon