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This is a Markdown editor that I am making. It is currently in very early stages of development.
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Tiles is a markdown editor which is made in Java. It is currently not in a functional state. This is also my first large Java project and therefore may not include the highest quality code (but it will be improving over time).


For the conversion of md files to html I have used commonmark-java. More information can be found here:

For exporting to PDF I used iText. More information can be found here:

Current development

Currently there is a interface and input is converted to html before being rendered. A few buttons in the menu work.

To do

  • Help menu
  • CSS for application (add as application is developed)
  • CSS for output (WIP)
  • Preferences / settings (WIP)
  • Config (WIP)
  • Syntax highlighting (will do after V1)
  • Spell check (will do after V1)
  • File menu
    • Print (will do after V1)

Known issues

  • MD images cannot be rendered to PDF as document is in HTML and renderer takes XML
  • Tables do not respond to all CSS in outputArea
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