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item_phone = {
"id": "phone",
"name": "Samsung Galaxy Note 7",
"""You have 15% battery left but unfortunately no signal.
lets hope it does not explode when it is charged...""",
item_key = {
"id": "key",
"name": "The key",
"""You can use this key to open important doors...""",
item_knife = {
"id": "knife",
"name": "Knife",
"""This knife is very sharp. It would be great to use on some succulent steak""",
item_pepperspray = {
"id": "pepperspray",
"name": "Pepperspray",
"""The warning label reads, contact with eyes has a high potential of causing discomfort""",
"id": "tablet",
"name": "Tablet",
"""A nice shiny Ipad. You start playing flappy bird in hopes of beating the high score
before realising the high score is over 9000.""",
#Added items dictionary so we can access items without knowing their location
items_list = {
"phone": item_phone,
"key": item_key,
"knife": item_knife,
"pepperSpray": item_pepperspray
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