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Stjarna is a basic space game in which players spawn as spacecraft and fight against other players in a race to upgrade their spacecraft and climb the leaderboard. A deployment of the most recent version can be found at

This is a NodeJS game that uses for server-client communication. It is written in TypeScript.


After cloning this repository and moving to the project's root directory enter npm install -g typescript to install the TypeScript compiler. Install the other dependencies with npm install followed by npx tsc to compile the application.

To run the application enter npm start. The game can be accessed by visiting http://localhost:5000 in your browser.

Future Gamemodes

Future versions will provide additional gamemodes alongside free-for-all. These are intended to bring more co-operative and strategy-based gameplay mechanics. Below are some gamemodes that will be included.


Players will work in teams to occupy outposts which are distributed across the arena. To successfully occupy a previously vacant outpost the players must travel there and remain there long enough for it to be granted to them. To seize an outpost occupied by a rival team they must successfully raid it by either destroying it or outnumbering the opponent there. An outpost's health will regenerate after being damaged. The team with the most outposts at the end of the game wins.

Capture The Flag

Players work in teams to reach objects indicated on the map and return them to the mothership. Teams will be required to fight for an object's possession. Players will be incentivised to both ambush rival players transporting objects and to defend those on their team that are transporting. The team that has captured the most objects by the end of the game wins.

Black Hole Mode

This is equivalent to battle royale. Players will spawn simultaneously in an arena that contains a black hole at the center. Players will fight for survival as the arena becomes progressively smaller with the expansion of the black hole. Any surviving players will eventually be contained in a closed area where the final duel takes place. Players are graded by the position they come with the last standing being crowned the winner.


Space-based .io game written in TypeScript.




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