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All the addons that are compatible with ScoreHud are featured here.
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ScoreHud Addons

List of addons that are compatible with ScoreHud.

I won't be making any more. So if you would like a plugin to be supported then ask the author of that plugin to make a ScoreHud addon.

How to setup?

How to download?

  • Download the repository by clicking the Clone or download button on the top right side of this page and then click Download ZIP to download all the addons. Or click here to download.


Addon Supported Tags Required Plugin
EconomyApiAddon {money} EconomyAPI
RankUpAddon {prison_rank}, {prison_next_rank_price} RankUp
RedSkyBlock {island_name}, {island_members}, {island_banned}, {island_locked_status}, {island_size}, {island_rank}, {island_value} RedSkyBlock
SkyBlock {is_state}, {is_blocks}, {is_members}, {is_size}, {is_rank} SkyBlock
PurePerms {rank}, {prefix}, {suffix} PurePerms
FactionsPro {faction}, {faction_power} FactionsPro
CPSAddon {cps} CPS
KDRAddon {kdr}, {kills}, {deaths} KDR
BasicAddon {name}, {online}, {max_online}, {item_name}, {item_id}, {item_meta}, {item_count}, {x}, {y}, {z}, {load}, {tps}, {level_name}, {level_folder_name}, {ip}, {ping}, {time}, {date}, {world_player_count} none
CombatLoggerAddon {combat_duration} CombatLogger
BlockSniperAddon {brush_shape}, {brush_type}, {brush_size}, {brush_mode} BlockSniper-API-4.0.0
OnlineTimeAddon {total_time}, {session_time} OnlineTime
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