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audiopolicymanagerbase: Allow AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_USB_ACCESSORY volume c…


Music stream volume is forced to maximum for digital outputs, change
computeVolume() to allow changes for AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_USB_ACCESSORY.

Change-Id: I89722bbe9d0253c6ab2f490b15ffc1a761038cc9
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1 parent 24dc9ee commit ed3e86fbf1d128d65606f82087068115ea3df060 @JackNorris committed
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  1. +0 −1 audio/AudioPolicyManagerBase.cpp
1 audio/AudioPolicyManagerBase.cpp
@@ -2690,7 +2690,6 @@ float AudioPolicyManagerBase::computeVolume(int stream,
index != mStreams[stream].mIndexMin &&
djpbx added a note

Do you think removing this line will make me able to control audio when using the POGO pins? (2692)

@JackNorris Owner

I am not sure to be honest, one of them almost certainly will I am just not sure which one. I have not experimented with the pogo pins yet :)

djpbx added a note

well, at least thanks for pointing me in the right direction and ill give it a try :)

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return 1.0;

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