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React Native Version >= 0.25

React-Native-Percentage-Cirlce is a component which supports you define your percent and draw the circle.And also you can use it as a progress bar.And you can show some data in a circle you want.

react.js version

This is a screenshot of the Demo


npm i react-native-percentage-circle --save
import PercentageCircle from 'react-native-percentage-circle';


render() {
    <PercentageCircle radius={35} percent={50} color={"#3498db"}></PercentageCircle>  
    <PercentageCircle radius={35} percent={50} color={"#3498db"}>
      <Image style={{width:20,height:20}} source={{require('your image')}} />


Props Type Example Description
color string '#000' the color of border
bgcolor string '#e3e3e3' the background color of the circle
innerColor string '#fff' the color of the inside of the circle
percent Number 30 the percent you need
radius Number 20 how large the circle is
borderWidth Number(default 2) 5 the width of percentage progress bar
textStyle Array {fontSize: 24, color: 'red'} define the style of the text which in the circle
children jsx <Text>123</Text> define the children component in the circle


Your contributions and suggestions are welcome πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

MIT License