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P.S.Will not be released until NACL is supported as part of Chrome extension development
P.S.A .patch file needs to be created for the ffmpeg-0.5 from NACLPort. Bug: Trailing commas in some of the lib file
Setup Steps

##Install NACL

  • Download NACL SDK here
  • unzip and run ./nacl_sdk list to check available versions and ./nacl_sdk update to download
  • set environment variable NACL_SDK_ROOT=/where/nacl_sdk/is

##Install NACLPort

  • Download NACLPort and follow the instruction here

##Install Dependencies through NACLPort

* Export `NACL_PORTS` env variable to point to where you installed nacl ports.
* Run `./`.         

##Compile and Run

  • Run make. .nexe and _32.o/_64.o files should be generated.

Development Documentation


  • This is the background script.
  • chrome.webRequest.onBeforeRequest gets web requests. mediaReqeustsMap holds request metadata.
  • Message passing, icon animation, triggering notifications.

###popup.html / popup.js

  • Display available download entries if available.
  • Pass message back to the background script triggering notification windows for download options

###notification.html / notification.js

  • Display download options according the original file format.e.g.if the file is .mp4, mp3 and original show up as download options
  • Passing download meta data(URL, vidID, current format and the conversion format,etc) to the NACL transcoder.


  • Communication between NACL and client-side js. / transcoder.h

  • transcoding(In Progresss) options: MP4->MP3, FLV->MP4/MP3.
  • TODO: implement using ffmpeg/libav.
  • libav libs need to be patched due to the trailing comma bug.(will see the errors when first time compile, after porting libav from the NACLPort)