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A repository for Betaflight VTX-tables
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Betaflight VTX tables

This project serves as a repository for Betaflight VTX-Tables which were introduced to the public in Betaflight 4.1. The aim of this is to contain readymade VTX-Tables for all the VTX out there.


AKK | Aomway | Caddx | Eachine | EMAX | FuriousFPV | FXT | Happymodel | iFlight | ImmersionRC | RDQ | RUSH | RunCam | TBS | T-Motor |

(Search for your prefered file, click it and right click "Raw" and choose "Save Link as...")

How to install: Go to BetaFlight -> Video Transmitter -> Load From File (Bottom Right) -> Choose downloaded json file

What do "global", "fcc" or "eu" mean in the table filenames?

Global: Unlocked VTX. All Power Levels, All Frequencies. Mostly not legal in the EU or in FCC regions.

FCC: Frequencies disabled that are not legal in FCC regions. (This mostly affects the BOSCAM E band)

EU: Frequencies and power levels disabled that are not legal in the EU.


This is a community effort, so feel free to create Pull requests or Issues to let me now, if something is missing or is wrong. If you want your VTX added or you need a table for your region, create an Issue with your specific model and maybe a link where it can be bought.


This project is not associated with Betaflight or other software in any way. This is a private project created by me, Jackjan (Jan). Although we don't think that anything bad can happen, but for the sake of caution: All of the resources here are used at your own risk. These tables CAN contain errors. We are not liable for any damage or legal problems arising during the use of these tables.

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