This project contains the build files for packing the Springboard distribution.

Build Status


This project and these instructions are intended for developers. If you want to get a Springboard site up and running, or learn more about Springboard, see Springboard.

These make files are used to create a fresh Springboard install, using drush make.


First, you must have drush make installed (which, in turn, requires drush).

You will need to check out this repo in order to use the make files because relative includes are used.

drush make Springboard-Build/springboard-mtsb.make target_directory

Replace target_directory with the name of the directory where you would like to install Springboard. drush make will download the Drupal core and the Springboard install profile, Springboard modules, Springboard themes, and various contrib modules from

Other Projects

This make file relies on three other projects hosted here on GitHub: