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The install profile project for the Springboard distribution.
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Build Status

Springboard Install Profile

The Springboard install profile makes it easy to get started with a fundraising website or to experiment with Springboard quickly and easily.

For full installation instructions, see the documentation.


Auto Build (recommended)

It would be best to have the Springboard codebase built automatically using drush make with the build profile provided by Springboard-Build.

Manual Build

When checking out this repository, it must be in a directory labeled sbsetup. Unless otherwise specified, git will place this project in a directory called springboard which will prevent this profile from working.


  • springboard_modules: Custom modules created specifically for the Springboard project.
  • contributed modules: The list of required modules can be found in the file of this project. If compatibility issues occur, refer to the precise version numbers from Springboard-Build project's build file.
  • Salesforce toolkit: Checkout the tool kit from its repository into libraries.


All patches are automatically applied when a springboard instance is built using Springboard Build.

Fix issue where validation not failing when it should (node/1951700):

Fix ajax validation issue (node/1951722):

This is considered a critical issue because the issue prevented the ability to build tests on the form. The issue was caused by having each ajax request validate the entire form, which would cause simpletest to abort.

Salesforce Mapping form enhancements:

These are not strictly considered bugs, however, 1951728 is considered required because the usage of externalId is too restrictive, and 1951730 allows an easier ability to modify the form through the use of hook_alters.

Add simpletests to Salesforce Mapping:

This is considered critical in order to provide a streamlined development environment.

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