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Springboard is an enterprise Drupal fundraising platform fully integrated with Salesforce.
branch: 7.x-4.x
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dsr Code style fixes.
email_wrappers Change email wrappers test to assert ajax commands are correct.
form_layouts Updated form_layouts and page_wrappers modules to consolidate their n…
fundraiser Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/7.x-4.7-363-currency-tickets' in…
market_source Fixing the regexes in market source settings validation.
page_wrappers For page wrapper context plugin validate the page wrapper field has a…
salesforce Merge branch '7.x-4.x-springboard_advocacy' into 7.x-4.7-beta
secure_prepopulate Change the fundraiser donation post submit hook to be an alter instead.
springboard Add edit / delete any message action and petition to sb editor role.
springboard_advocacy move message menu item into sba_message module and fix some access pe…
springboard_api Use configured submit button text when submitting through the API; cl…
springboard_ga Moving springboard admin menu item declarations out of springboard_ad…
springboard_improved_multi_select removed a commented out dpm()
springboard_p2p Revert "T800 (ASPCA) - adjusting image style"
springboard_social re: update ajax call to use Drupal.settings.basePath to account for s…
springboard_tag Remove call to _springboard_tag_placement_options() in ctools plugin …
validation_log minor coding style edits
webform_addtoall Code cleanup for webform_addtoall
webform_confirmation_alias re #1034: removed extraneous 'break' statement in code
webform_confirmations Re-work of email settings form ajax, remove donation sending options …
webform_dupe_cop Removing hard requirement on Apache in webform_dupe_cop.
webform_goals fix a webform goals php notice
webform_token_selector removed unneeded .module file from the files[] array in a .info file.
webform_user Adding spacing, removing todo. Commenting pre-population from session
.gitignore Ensure all files end with blank line
.scrutinizer.yml Attempting to speed up scrutinizer tests by shallow cloning git repos. Attempting to speed up scrutinizer tests by shallow cloning git repos.


Build Status

This project contains only the Springboard-specific modules. It is not a ready-to-use Springboard package. We provide packages on this project's releases page.

If you'd like to build Springboard manually, you should checkout the Springboard-Build project, and use drush make to create the package.

You should only need to checkout this repo directly if you want to contribute to the code. If you would like to regularly contribute to Springboard, consider working for us.

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