Springboard is an enterprise Drupal fundraising platform fully integrated with Salesforce.
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Latest commit 895ac28 Sep 23, 2016 @pcave pcave committed on GitHub Merge pull request #1146 from JacksonRiver/7.x-4.11.1-rc--1119-expose…

7.x 4.11.1 rc  1119 expose recent signers display conf on petitions
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dsr Code style fixes. Jan 8, 2015
email_wrappers #89 - updating email wrapper wording to email template Jul 5, 2016
form_layouts Moved petition templates into the springboard_petition.module Aug 3, 2016
fundraiser Adding luminate support for sustainer upgrade salesforce object. Aug 26, 2016
market_source Added conditional checks to ensure matches and matches[2] are set. May 24, 2016
page_wrappers add honeypot css to pagewrappers css Jul 19, 2016
salesforce Re-adding contact relationship to sustainer upgrade object. Aug 29, 2016
secure_prepopulate Adding newline at EOF Jun 28, 2016
silverpop_transact Set message send to FALSE when in XML mode to prevent default Drupal … May 9, 2016
springboard Merge pull request #1108 from sheena-d/7.x-4.x-1080-create-user-button Sep 23, 2016
springboard_advocacy Merge pull request #1146 from JacksonRiver/7.x-4.11.1-rc--1119-expose… Sep 23, 2016
springboard_api Re #839 - use object instead of array in submit Jan 22, 2016
springboard_dw Reverted legacy watchdog log calls since they are higher severity and… Aug 31, 2016
springboard_ga Moving springboard admin menu item declarations out of springboard_ad… Sep 25, 2014
springboard_hmac tweak failure handling in hmac and sustainers upgrade Apr 22, 2016
springboard_honeypot For each $blacklist element, also run `trim()` in case newlines are `… Apr 20, 2016
springboard_improved_multi_select removed a commented out dpm() Dec 2, 2013
springboard_measurement_protocol 994: Add product quantity param Jul 8, 2016
springboard_node_expire 1155: Add to condition to check if 'options1' is set Aug 2, 2016
springboard_p2p #204 - Updating YouTube Capitalization Sep 16, 2016
springboard_social Updating integration to use new actions taken object. Jul 27, 2015
springboard_tag Updates Springboard Tag config link Jan 5, 2016
springboard_taxonomy Prevent smushed org issues on donaiton forms Jan 6, 2016
springboard_token check for existence of node type Oct 26, 2015
templates Adding template that was previously missed. Jan 8, 2016
validation_log minor coding style edits Nov 1, 2013
webform_ab Reimplemented internal name support on the included-forms page using … Jul 7, 2016
webform_addtoall Code cleanup for webform_addtoall Sep 30, 2013
webform_confirmation_alias re #1034: removed extraneous 'break' statement in code Jul 3, 2014
webform_confirmations #89 - updating email wrapper wording to email template Jul 5, 2016
webform_dupe_cop Removing hard requirement on Apache in webform_dupe_cop. Apr 21, 2014
webform_goals Updated node deletion code so webform_goals_delete_goal() is called i… Jun 28, 2016
webform_token_selector removed unneeded .module file from the files[] array in a .info file. Sep 29, 2014
webform_ui fix typo in comment Mar 7, 2016
webform_user Merge pull request #1121 from JacksonRiver/7.x-4.x-data_warehouse Jul 7, 2016
.gitignore Ensure all files end with blank line Apr 8, 2013
.scrutinizer.yml update scrutinizer configuration file Jul 25, 2016
README.md Attempting to speed up scrutinizer tests by shallow cloning git repos. Mar 3, 2015



Build Status

This project contains only the Springboard-specific modules. It is not a ready-to-use Springboard package. We provide packages on this project's releases page.

If you'd like to build Springboard manually, you should checkout the Springboard-Build project, and use drush make to create the package.

You should only need to checkout this repo directly if you want to contribute to the code. If you would like to regularly contribute to Springboard, consider working for us.