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All the lobby tools you need - gadgets, lobby selector, and more
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LobbyTools Build Status

A group of tools & utilities for a bungeecoord lobby server, complete with:

  • Parkour Regions
  • Auto Teleporting back to spawn
  • No fall damage
  • Customizable messages
  • Gadgets
  • Server Selector
  • Player Hiders
  • & More to come


This is currently in development at the moment, and is prone to errors and missing features. Please be patient. If you want a feature, please make a github issue asking for feature.

Feel free to contribute, make issues, or fork if you wish.

If you want to use development builds you can download a build from: or Download the latest directly


This plugin will run fine without any other plugins, but some functionality will be missing. This includes:

  • Parkour Regions (Requires WorldGuard)
  • Join ActionBar Messages (Requires TTA)


Main: /lobbytools, /lt, /lb

  • /lt help - self-explanatory
  • /lt parkour <create/list/remove> - creates parkour regions
  • /lt reload - reloads the config.yml


  • lobbytools.command - access to /lobbytools
  • lobbytools.command.reload - access to /lt reload
  • lobbytools.command.parkour - access to /lt parkour
  • lobbytools.lobby.flight - enable flight in lobby
  • lobbytools.bypass.lobby - bypass lobby join actions (clearing inventory, etc)
  • lobbytools.bypass.inventory - bypass lobby items (anti-item movement, etc)
  • lobbytools.bypass.hide - players with this permission cant be hidden
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