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The Extended Express Calculator is a Windows 7 desktop gadget powered by Javascript. It supports a range of different free-form mathematical expressions and also supports many common mathematical and scientific constants which can be referenced several ways including the use of unicode characters.

This gadget is based off of the simpler Express Calculator created by Swanson Technologies (link: More information and details for using the Extended Express calculator can be found at (link:

How to Build Gadget

To compile the files into a Windows .gadget file simply compress all the files within the src folder into a single .zip archive file and then change the file extension from .zip to .gadget. Make sure you compress the files inside the src folder and not the folder its self (you don't need to include this README file obviously).

Usage Examples

Input: (2 + 3) / (tau * pi - phi)
Output: 0.27592030050362

Input: (two plus three) div (tau times pi minus phi)
Output: 0.27592030050362

Input: (2 + 3) ÷ (tau × pi - phi)
Output: 0.27592030050362

Input: 5 / (τ⋅π - φ)
Output: 0.27592030050362

Note that the × operator is not the lowercase x character, it is a special unicode character. Since the calculator is based off Javascript you can use Javascript functions and even create your own variables or functions as shown in the following examples:

Input: sqrt(pi * phi)
Output: 2.25459612620869

Input: √(π⋅φ)
Output: 2.25459612620869

Input: var x = π⋅φ; √(x)
Output: 2.25459612620869

Input:  function pi_x_phi() { return π⋅φ; } sqrt(pi_x_phi())
Ouput: 2.25459612620869

Note that when using the √ operator you must put braces around the argument to be placed under the radical ('√' is simply replaced with 'sqrt'). You can mix and match any of the above mathods for writing mathematical expressions, which makes it very easy to copy and paste text from the internet straight into the calculator.

All the functions and constants from the Javascript Math object have been made global so that you can do sqrt() instead of Math.sqrt() but all the other functions are the same. The full list of supported operators and unipre constants are listed below.


sqrt2 : square root of 2
sqrt1_2 : square root of 0.5
ln2 : natural logarithm of 2
ln10 : natural logarithm of 10
log2e : base-2 logarithm of e
log10e : base-10 logarithm of e
e : Euler's number, base of natural logarithm
pi : ratio of circle's circumference to diameter
phi : the golden ratio
psi : reciprocal Fibonacci constant
c : the speed of light
g : Earth's gravitational acceleration
G : universal gravitational constant
h : Planck's constant
hb : h-bar, the reduced Planck constant
ec : the elementary charge constant
me : mass of electron SI units
mn : mass of neutron SI units
mp : mass of proton SI units
u : the unified atomic mass unit
ub : the Bohr magneton constant
Y : the Euler–Mascheroni constant
p : the plastic number constant
q : the first Feigenbaum constant
a : the second Feigenbaum constant
zf3 : Apéry's constant, aka ζ(3)
zf4 : like zf3, result of ζ(4)
tau : two pi, aka 2π
cubit : length of royal cubit in meters

Word Operators

* : times
/ : div
- : minus
+ : plus
% : mod

Unicode Characters

* : ×, ·, ⋅, •
/ : ÷, ∕, ⁄
- : −
!= : ≠
<= : ≤
>= : ≥
pi : π, Π
phi : φ, Φ, ϕ
psi : Ψ, ψ
tau : τ
p : ρ
a : α
q : δ
Y : γ
hb : ħ
ub : μ
sqrt() : √
zeta() : ζ
Infinity : ∞