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My project to build static résumé files
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Jacob Fischer's Resume

This is a simple project to build the file(s) for my resume.

It's easiest to manage my resume via a simple markdown file. This project leverages my web skills to build the simple markdown text into full fledged html, pdf, and docx sources for me to distribute.


If you are trying to build so you can have my resume, don't! GitHub pages are super cool so I use that to deploy them all to Just go there. Otherwise if you are looking to use my tool to create your own resume building thing read on!


Only Node.js with npm is required.


To build, just run:

npm install
npm run build

That's it. All the output is ready for you in output/.

Other Notes

My resume, as I give it to some companies, may vary from what is present here. I often remove skills that I don't think a company would care about, and emphasize others. That's really the point of this build system, to automate my updates of my resume while still being slick.

Although this script builds the DOCX version of my resume; I am not satisfied with how it looks, and the file only opens on Window's Office instal (so no Google Docs, LibreOffice, etc). For these reasons I do not advertise it on the site. Instead it's more of a "well if a company really hates PDF and needs DOCX I guess it exists" type of ordeal.

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