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Experiment to run Mocha tests with a JSDom generated DOM (in Node.js)
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Mocha tests under Node.js with a jsdom

This is a proof of concept project to find a convenient way of running Mocha tests via the Node.js runner using jsdom, to create a more browser like environment. You might want to do that to test symantic aspects of your program in Node.js without having to load the entire thing in a browser, mostly for performance reasons.

The callback based ways described in jsdom's page will have a little hard time to trigger Mocha to run your suites, so to do this you need to use the methods described by jsdom's docs as "For the hardcore". Actually it isn't that difficult, and this little project shows how to do it.

How to try:

Manual (at least for now). Clone, then prepare your directory by running a npm install:

$ npm install

You should see lots of output.

Have a look at the test.js file. It initializes a jsdom object in the describe function and points a closure local 'document' to it in a way that preceding tests will have an environment that reasonably much resembles a web browser. The script will run the spec.

A somewhat uglier but more realistic simulation for larger codebases would be to assign the return value of the call to jsdom.jsdom to global.document.

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