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Slack Hodor Integration

Plugin for python-rtmbot : listens for mentions of Hodor's name in slack channels and reply with a message.

Messages are pre-defined from a basic module import and classified by mood.

The 'mood' of reply is determined by comparing the content of the triggering message against a library of words and human interpreted intent scoring. After mood assignment, a message is chosen based on a 'item drop' type selection process that allows for weighting of responses.


A docker image has been created to deploy this service quickly.


  1. Download the python-rtmbot code

     git clone
     cd python-rtmbot
  2. Install dependencies (virtualenv is recommended.)

     pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Configure rtmbot (

     cp doc/example-config/rtmbot.conf .
     vi rtmbot.conf
       SLACK_TOKEN: "xoxb-11111111111-222222222222222"
  4. Download and enable this plugin

     git submodule add -f git:// plugins/hodor
  5. Start


Run As Daemon

If you plan on running the Slack Hodor Integration for long periods of time, you may consider using a process manager daemon such as supervisor to start and stop the rtmbot. A supervisor tutorial is available here.